A few bloggers have asked me how I maintain my self-esteem. The day my self-esteem improved was the day I realized that the universe made me perfect, and if other people didn’t recognise that fact then they could go f**ck themselves sakatoge. I found that when I embraced my perfect self, I started meeting people on my wavelength, and the people who didn’t understand me or didn’t like me basically got out of my way.

Every person on earth is unique and perfect in his own way, on his own life path. There’s no need to judge or criticise others. I myself have been trying very hard not to criticise those who haven’t understood or approved of me throughout my life, but I also don’t waste my time trying to convince them of my point of view or putting on a false mask or polite words to make them feel more comfortable around me.

I have to be my true self, and people can either take it or leave it. I’m not afraid of being rejected or alone, because I believe in what I say, but I’ll never be alone anyway as long as I radiate my true being because like-minded people will be drawn toward me.

Every person is a multi-faceted individual. Sometimes we’re in a good mood, sometimes in a bad one. Sometimes we’re kind, other times cruel. Sometimes we build, other times destroy. But all of these faces are aspects of our true self, and we should not hide away any one aspect of ourselves.

Likewise, the people around us must embrace all of our different faces. If they like you at your best but can’t stand you at your worst then they obviously don’t like the whole you! When you find out that they don’t like the real you, thank them for the information! It’s better to know that now so that you can move on in your life, toward genuine friends. Be yourself!